Loving God & Loving Neighbor in a Pandemic

While views and opinions on the nature of this virus range wildly across the spectrum, there is one and only mandate we are called to uphold: love God and love people. We want to do our very best at being the kind of people who can do this even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Social Distancing

There are at least 40 "one another" verses in the New Testament that describe how God's people are to interact with each other. In the midst of a global crisis we seem to need to add one more: respect one another's personal space. We have removed 50% of the seating in the sanctuary and we encourage members to practice respecting one another's personal space. For some this will mean at least 6ft apart and for others they may mutually agree to close the distance.

We also four doors for entering and exiting both the foyer and the sanctuary.

The foyer is also available as "overflow" for folks who desire more space.

Face masks

The CDC recommends the use of face masks when gathering in public spaces. You will find that some choose to wear a mask and others do choose not to wear the mask. We allow each person to make their own decision, though we encourage following CDC guidelines. The church staff will wear masks except when they are leading from the stage.

For us, the mask is not a sign of weakness, fear, or political allegiance. Love does not treat the mask this way. Love allows people to wear masks or not wear masks without assigning motives.


We have four bottles of hand sanitizer available in the foyer and the sanctuary for cleaning hands.

We clean the church weekly with the disinfection of COVID-19 in mind.

When we serve communion we take care to do so in a way that minimizes your exposure to the virus.

We encourage members who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to remain at home.

We have a plan in place should a member discover they are positive and may have exposed members at church.